Health of The Spirit The Body
and The Mind
Try Apple cider vinegar on
skin irritations like athlete's foot
infections, this is the best. You will
marvel at it's ability to do what all
of the marketed industry
poisonous products claim. Also
other skin irritations like rashes. It
will work where others don't.
Current News
New Album Witness to the Storm out now on TEAM-LOVE
Records, find it on iTunes. We're recording and mixing down on
the farm. The concerts have been fantastic and we appreciate
everyone involved. Check us out for more  media and shows
High over El Paso
Are They Really Looking After Your Health?
We are currently very worried about the new universal health care laws that our
government is passing. There will be fines for those who do not want or possess health
insurance. $1000 fine for a first offence. Insurance will cost $4000 a year. They wont
be using natural remedies for your ailments, which are the traditional and in many
ways, more successful ways. What good is this for the American people if we are just
thrown into the fast food industry of modern medicine? The Codex is coming into
power and it's designed to take away your right to healthyness the natural way. Do we
really want the pharmaceutical companies deciding what we eat? These are huge
profit machines, why would they cut back on their revenue source?
Get Away from Aspertame.
Use Stevia, it's a Plant!
LIVE REFRIED Club 101 and Barnett's
Cordiceps Mushrooms Cure
Cancer! By increasing your
cell's oxygen by 20% Read it
in Nexus Magazine.