Refried Science
ORMES  (Orbiting Mono-atomic Elements) is being
used for health and insight. Elements such as Gold
and other nutrients are captured in the dew of the
full moon night and gathered from Sea Salt and
used in Homeopathic solution. Far out stuff. And
Now the Salt is being outlawed, Can you Believe It?
It was discovered that unhealthy animals would eat
this substance from natural deposites in the Earth
when they needed to get better. This salt lick-like
substance turned out to be white powder Gold. This
is the True substance the Alchemists were searching
for in their Gold-Investigations. More Secret
Knowledge revealed...
Collodial Silver  has been shown to turn any cell in
the body into a stem-cell, thus a healing cell, when
needed. Silver does not allow infection to spread
when applied to wounds. It also is good for internal
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Does Something travel
Faster than the Speed of
Interested in combining Science and
Religion? Check out The Urantia Book.
The most interesting Book in the World It
is written by higher order personality
beings and reveals very deep facts about
us and our planet and the history of the
Universes. Including other inhabited
The Evolutionists and the Religious
should get together and realize that
God created evolution and it doesn't
conflict with the history either. First he
created word, the light the dark, the
water and the earth and then the plants
and the creatures of the seas then the
creatures of the land and then
Mankind. It fits the Plan!